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Can you make a clothes wringer? Answered

I would love to have a wringer for use when dying fabrics, but just can't afford to buy a new one. The antique wringers often have damaged rollers, but they can cost as much or more than a new one.


There is a diagram on this site, 3/4 of the way down the page. They actually sell the DIY kit but show you the parts if you want to try on your own. The site is not in English.


Diagrams would be wonderful, thank you.

If you are still looking for information on building a wringer, this video shows how.

Thanks for the link, it gave me some new ideas on building a wringer.

Would a diagram help? I know the video skips steps in places.


2 years ago


I ave thought about the mop bucket wringer and another idea I thought of wa a pasta maker. Does that sund any kind of way that might work

I ave thought about the mop bucket wringer and another idea I thought of wa a pasta maker. Does that sund any kind of way that might work

I'm working on improvising a mop bucket with a wringer . A lot cheaper.

I've used a mop bucket for this several times when

my electric got shut off. It is a professional grade mop bucket from a restaurant. And it basically sucks for this. It is easier than hand wringing, but not terribly effective. I am sure a decent roller setup would work better, which is why I'm here looking.

This might work:
1. Insert two long wooden dowels through two PVC pipes that are shorter in length than the dowels.
2. Attach both ends of the wooden dowels with flexible bungee cords and secure the whole thing in-between and on one side of 2 strong posts or trees or something.
3. Insert an edge of a wet article of clothing between the two PVC pipes (perhaps with a spatula or some thing else that will fit between the PVC pipes).
4. Stand on the side opposite to where you inserted the edge of the wet article of clothing and pull it out from between the PVC pipes.
Hope this works!


Depends on your price range and how handy you are : ) A couple of chunks of pipe, rolling pins, parts from a conveyor belt...build two frames, one roller with a handle, the two squeezed together with some springs or screw clamps...it wouldn't have a step down gear, but the handle could be made longer to do the same thing. Or build a small centrifuge to spin the liquid out. Or a press that uses your weight on the end of a lever like a cassava press.

Thanks for the reply. I'll need to read it a few times to get the concept in my head. I'm a visual learner, so sometimes written instructions go right over mt head. Maybe I can find one locally to study or blueprints from patent. As for the price, I don't want to spend very much at all... maybe $20. I've seen some on ebay for that, but then they want $20-$30 shipping

I very much understand : ) The picture help at all?

instructable rollers.jpeg

Yes, thanks! I'll show it to my husband and see if we can round up supplies and get started.

Just curios - how did it work and how much did cost you to make? AlsoIf you did make it - you got an Instructable for it :-)

I looked at those, and they look like they'd press out as much water. They rely on your strength, where the wringer uses the pressure of the two rollers and gears. The price of the buckets is still more than I want to pay, but thanks for the suggestion.