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Can you make a curio cabinet into a bird cage? Answered

I recently acquired a curio cabinet, it's tall and very wide at the bottom, it has a double door in the front that has a mesh like wire screen, then panels of glass in front that can be taken out. It would be good to hold a budgie or some finches...but I don't know what kind of wood it is, and it is stained wood, so I'm not sure  how good of a cage it would be, safety wise. also, with it having three completely closed sides, top and bottom,  I worry about air circulation. It would be a good sized cage, and aesthetically pleasing for me, but I do not want to in any way put my birds in danger. So, I want others opinions. Thanks in advance :) 



4 years ago

I would think in the end the biggest problem is long term water damage to the wood.
Before they had wire all bird cages were made out of wood, bamboo split into fine slats was the standard way.
Most of the water base finishes are non toxic. Once dried they don't produce fumes. Wood floor finishes have to be non toxic otherwise you would not be able to let toddlers crawl on them.

If you're bothered about the stain on the wood, just varnish over it with a bird-safe varnish.


4 years ago

Sure, replace the glass with a decorative metal mesh and let it air out for a few days before introducing the birds. As long as the mesh is smaller than the bird's head, they can't escape.
The are many different types of decorative mesh available, such as this one:

wire mesh.png

Open up the sides and put in bars and your all set.