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Can you make a external hard drive from an old internal hard drive without buying a hard drive enclosure? Answered

I got several internal hard drives and want to make a couple of them into external hard drives. I don't have a way to buy any hard drive enclosures and would like to avoid buying enclosures completely.



7 years ago

I wouldn't say you can't but it is neither easy nor practical. If you have an open HDD bay in your computer, you could install a second hard disk there and use it for storage. Otherwise, try to buy a used enclosure or look for a cheap one at some of the online sellers.

Any sites that you would recommend?

Newegg.com is always a good place to start, as are Dealexterme and Amazon.com.

Back in the days when an Intel Pentium II 333 processor was considered state of the art technology & hard drives were still measured in gigabyte sizes of less than five I found myself having to get rid of a pile of my companies old kit.
External drive enclosures were still a thing of the future then so to test all the old drives I ran an IDE cable out of one of the rear card slots of a testbed PC along with an extended power cable, it wasn't exactly a perfect solution but it worked well for me & it saved a lot of messing about inside the machine.
It would probably be best to pick up some kind of box to mount your drives in to protect them from static.
Even if you don't have the right bits laying around you should be able to pick them up for a few pounds in Radio Shack or Maplins, or if you have a local store that rebuilds or refurbishes computers they often have bargain boxes, I know ours does & the bits to do something like this would cost less than £5.00 in there.
Good luck with it however you find your solution.