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Can you make a firework or rocket igniter from a microwave transformer? Answered

For homemade kno3 rockets that are really hard to ignite(usually needs a lighter).
If i were to guess id convert it to DC, run it through a 12 volt battery, Rig a switch.
Just a thought it would be really cool if you could rig a cell phone to it stand far away and call it for ignition.


what is the lineover the guys name looks simeer to my name

you could use steel wool and for the phone go to youtube and look up phone deanator go to the one by rowstacy78 i made worked great till i blew it up so i made a new one and put it in a coffie can and put it in the ground but not to deep you can also use a remot control car

I haven't tried this, but maybe you could use the leads going to the small motor inside the cell phone and connect them to a relay. (Most cellphones use a motor with an unbalanced weight to make the phone vibrate in silent mode) You would still need an ignitor though, and I have no experience with KNO3 rockets but I am very familiar with model rocketry. If these rockets are hard to ignite, you could make your own igniters with more pyrotechnic material. Take a standard roadside flare apart, mix the powder with a little bit of water until it becomes a paste, and put it on the tip of your wire and wait for it to dry. Good Luck!


Transformers only work on a/c, unless you are using it as an induction coil, which it wouldn't work very well for that.

A better idea might be to put the battery close to the igniter to keep resistance losses low and switch a relay to control it.