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Can you make a semi-auto tippman 98 custom into a full-auto? Answered


The easy way is to just install a Response Trigger kit from Tippmann. Technically, the RT kit is just a more efficient semi-auto trigger, but they have a "sweet spot" that'll fire full-auto as fast as the marker can cycle. I own one, and I have played with several other RT-equipped field markers, and they all work this way, so mine's not a fluke. The sweet spot is large and easy to find, too. Be sure to get a good power loader if you go this route, 'cause you'll need it.
An added benefit is that some fields disallow full-auto, but still allow the RT because it's technically only semi-auto. Woot!

Yep, just remove the pin below the left side of the sear, when you hold the trigger, it will fire a rain at 20-30 bps. Be sure to get a good e-loader, or just replace the sear spring with a softer one to slow the bps.

 Another idea is the firestorm crank (I believe this is right). It's a Gatling like triger that uses a  crank, gears, and a cam to fire the gun. Hook up a motor or an old drill to the shaft and you could fire fairly fast. You could also just leave it as a crank to achieve the beastly-ness of a Gatling tippmann.

Do they still make those? Neat. I played with one once, and it was fun to fiddle with. Good ROF, too.
I thought it was a little bit difficult to stay on target due to the cranking action, and it blocked the trigger so that you couldn't fire the normal way when the crank was in place, but it did put a whole lot of paint in the air. Little cheaper than the RT kit as well, as I recall.
Between the two, I think I'd still go with the RT, but the Firestorm is certainly a workable alternative if you can get one.