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Can you make a spudzooka with one piece of pipe? Answered

I only can afford one length.if I could afford more i would still make it look like one piece for realism


Are you able to cut the pipe? I'm assuming you are talking PVC pipe here.
PVC is typically sold in 10 foot lengths, with some stores also carrying 5 foot lengths.

At any rate, your design will typically also need some different fittings. The fittings you need will depend on your specific design. Spud guns come in both combustion and pneumatic designs, and your pipe and fitting needs will depend greatly on which type it is.

Short answer to your question is that it will be difficult to build with a single piece of pipe alone, unless you can improvise the rest of the fittings, valves, etc from other materials.

Given, but if I could seal off one end, with a screw on cap, would it work like a conventional spudgun?

I've never build a comustion type gun, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be workable. Usually the barrel is a diamer of 2" or smaller, but the chamber where the fuel and air are contained is made of a much larger diameter pipe.

If you use the same piece of pipe, and it is a smaller diameter, then you might sacrifice performance due to the smaller chamber.

If you haven't done so already, check out www.spudfiles.com, which has lots of examples of guns of all types and good discussion forumns.

Thanks alot, it has a diameter of 68mm, and as I will use nerf vortex like rockets made of foam, i don't want it to powerful to have to walk far anyway :p