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Can you make a variable DC Power supply out of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) ? Answered

I have at least 6 UPS. Can it be done? How difficult would it be?



5 years ago

What does a UPS do ?
  • Rectifies the AC line to DC.
  • Charge Regulates a DC battery.
  • Runs a DC to AC inverter .
  • Even if the mains power quits.
You use the battery Regulator from another UPS to deliver a
variable DC power supply  from the rectified DC.

Depending on the UPS a pot and some resistors is all the extra
materials I would need...


Do a search online for variable DC power supply schematics. That will give you the list of parts your looking for. You may be able to find some of the basics like resistors and capacitors inside the UPS but you'll still need a variable voltage regulator like the LM317 to run the thing. You won't find one of them inside a UPS.