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Can you make letters, pictures or movie at a distance with a laser? Answered

I have seen comercial units for sale that are thousands of dollars and require a license to operate.  I would like to make a DIY laser projector to display a word, symbol or video covertly at a distance.



8 years ago

Here you go!


In the immortal words of The Onion, Holy F*****g S**t!  Putting aside how unbelievably cool it is to use a simple laser-pointer tracking system coupled to a massive POV projector, how exactly did you find this? 

Did you already have it bookmarked (or remembered)?  If not, what search terms got you there, and how quickly?

This question brought to you by the Give A Man A Fish Society.

Oh, it was on Make or Hack A Day a while ago.  I think I searched for Laser Graffiti or something.

You can search either this site or Google for "POV laser" (if you search Google, include "DIY" or "do it yourself" or "homebrew" or something similar in the search).

The reason the commercial units are expensive is because you need a very high rep rate for POV displays -- a minimum of 20 Hz, and 30 or more is preferable.

For a simple word, or a clock time, that's not hard to do, but if you're trying to put up a third of a million pixels (640x480) in color, then you need either a very large number of lasers, with coordinated motion and firing, or you need three, with extremely fast and precise slewing.  Start trying to design your project, and see where the costs show up.