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Can you make your own Capacitor charging Circuit? Answered

I have a Cap bank, but i need some way to charge it without using a camera  circuit. I have pretty much every component that could be required, so if someone could please make a schematic (even if it's done in paint) that would be great. Would also be useful to anyone else making a cap bank as well. Thanks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

As steve says; a capacitor is just like a battery, it takes any power you put into it, or any load you put on it - you just need to come up with a suitable voltage.


from dc power you can use a flyback tranformer, a type of voltage multiplier to switch a dc current to make whatever voltage you want.  The camera charger works the same way; thats why you hear it make that whining noise as it charges.

Thank you guys, i found out how now.

I may Also put up an instructable one day on how to make those super caps.

How many volts, how fast ? 

 I was thinking like 12v from a power supply, not too picky about timing as long as it's below about 2 minutes. I have to calculate my capacitance, but i just want to be able to put the power leads on and switch it to the load when near full.

whats the uF and the voltage of the capacitors?

not sure. i made my own supercaps and its pretty big, probably over 1 farad.
i don't know how to measure it. I have tested that it works with 12v without lots of heating.

How have you made a 1 FARAD cap with home made super caps. Charge it to 12V, put a 10K resistor across it, and time how long it takes to decay from 12V to 7.5 Volts. Then roughly Time=RC, so you can make a very simple measurement.

What voltage will your caps stand ? 

i just said it will accept 12v, but the only way to know for sure is to purposely overload it. All i need is a simple circuit diagram, that will be great.

well the other way of knowing is to look at the side of each capacitor and read the lowest voltage.  Then that voltage is the max voltage for the capacitor bank.

If its only a 12V bank, find a 12V PSU, limit the charging current with a series resistor: job done.

The "camera charger" is usually for high voltage strike caps for the flash tube, which is what I thought you meant anyway.