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Can you open the up the front of the DeLorean? Answered

It's a really cool car and I am considering getting one but I have one question. Can you open the front "hood" part of the car? It would make since because the engine is in the back, and you could use it as a trunk. Or is the space taken up by other parts of the car such as the battery, AC unit, etc?


Yup, and it would make a great place for a GE Mini-gun or two. Never get stuck behind a slow driver ever again....

Actually, a DeLorean with two, three barreled miniguns in the hood is my dream car. I have wanted one for a while. Anyone know what the market price on miniguns is?

Not cheap, a pair may cost you more than the car:
The Echo1 Minigun I see for ~$4,000, www.echo1usa.com or go Googling for someone selling.


If anybody remembers the old tabletop game Car Wars, I played regularly for about five years - undefeated - using a car design that was essentially a luxury sedan with two miniguns in front, a laser turret on top, and a whole boatload of armor in front. I called it the Asphalt Assassin. Ah, nostalgia....

Yeh, if you don't have enough space for your stuff this time around, load it up, drive there, drive back, go back in time and do another run! You don't lose any time then :)

True . Its what i do with my dads van . thats a time machine !!

Good spot for the bodys. What? I didn't say anything about bodys! I said, uhhh, Doggys!! Yeah, that's what I said, Doggys.

I'm sure there's a bonnet-catch. But DeLorean's are not really cool cars. If it weren't for the films they'd be , well what?


I think it's cool. I've seen part of the movies once.