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Can you put SCR's in parallel? Answered

The title said it all. The reason I want to do it is because I want to discharge a capacitor bank into a coilgun, etc, using SCR instead of a large switch. The surge current form the capacitor bank is approximately 400 amps and the SCR's I have can handle surge current of 160 amps, can I put a few of those in parallel to handle 400 amps?


Which SCR are you using ? 

I'm not sure if an SCR will current share nicely, like a saturated Mosfet will.


Having reviewed it, I suspect you can only really share SCRs by adding dropper resistors.

The SCR I want to use is BTA600BW, and what is a dropper resistor? I never heard of it before...

Its a current sharing resistor, you put them in series with the cathode or anode of your parallel connected SCRs, they allow the devices to current share.

You'd be MUCH better getting a better SCR.


Okay, Ill try do a few experiments and save up for a better SCR, thanks! :)