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Can you put solar panels on a golf cart? Answered

I don't know much about solar panels, energy, or electricity. But I'm curious they have electric carts, and small electric cars, that you just plug into your house and it automatically charges. Is it possible to put solar panels on the roof of a golf cart so that when the cart is parked the sun will charge the batteries while your like in the store or somewhere? Is it how long would it take the sun to charge six golf cart batteries? or would you have to use some sort of other type of batteries?



Best Answer 9 years ago

You could definitely put solar panels on a golf cart! In fact, I am sure it has been done before. The length of time it takes to charge the batteries would depend on the efficiency and size of the panels, the capacity of the batteries, and the amount of sunlight. Chances are you could use the stock batteries, the only other thing you'd need (aside from the solar panels) is a solar charge controller.

I've done it, so it can be done. The time required to charge the batteries depends on the size of the panel(s) and the state of the batteries. Don't count on the panel doing all the charging unless you live in a very sunny place and don't use the cart every day. You don't need to change the batteries that are already in the cart.


2 years ago

I can see a solar top working with the battery connected, but removing battery, I don't think it will work. Solar panel appears too small to run a motor that big, plus sometime no sun because of cloud, golf cart will definitely not work. With battery and solar, it will not run all day, will have to solar charge first, so they just have extra cart.

I have yet seen a solar panel keep a cart running. I've been working on them for 15 years and haven't seen one that would keep a cart going without charging it up over night.

your right, except for the fact that most solar panels i've seen don't work to well at night :) just kidding.

i think he means that he wants to keep the batts topped off. for example if i lived a few blocks from the store i could whip the cart out of the garage and gather up some groceries, then park it again with the batteries hopefully still full.

as far as running them non stop. would be nice, but no. to run a 48v golf cart full bore you'd probly have to build a 40' goosneck trailer full of panels. lol

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