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Can you recommend companies doing postcard printing services within the California area? Answered

I need postcards but I'm running out of time and I'm in a short budget. So I want to know if there are reliable printing companies within the California area? I don't want to pay expensive shipping fee.


Hi there, if I had seen your question a bit earlier I would recommend http://www.printplace.com[. They also have a place in Santa Fe Springs, CA for a quick shipping of items in the western states. Quality of postcards are excellent, so I would recommend them for you!

Why are you asking us all these questions? What was it about this site that gave you the impression that it was a "font of all knowledge"?


If you're looking for postcard printing services online, why not try http://www.printrunner.com/postcard-printing.html? PrintRunner is a printing company known to deliver high quality postcards. Their office is located at 9673 Topanga Canyon Place, Chatsworth, CA 91311 so I'm sure you can afford the shipping fees.

You mean printed post cards? You will be better off looking in a local directory for a small printer that can print them for you.

In the UK there are a number of online printers easily accessible through google.