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Can you recommend software to play DVDs on an old Gateway Solo 9300 laptop running Windows ME? Answered

This laptop originally came with Windows 98, and played DVDs from its internal DVD player just fine. When I upgraded to Windows ME, some hardware drivers must have been lost, because it was never able to play DVDs again. Most programs would report that it was missing a hardware decoder, and so would require a software decoder. I would like to use the laptop as a media player in an out of the way location, and so am looking to revive its DVD capabilities. I've tried VLC, without success. Can you recommend other free programs that will work with old hardware and software? I'm unwilling to fuss with updating to a newer version of Windows. I would be willing to try a DVD or CD-bootable version of Linux, if it required very very limited web-searching for drivers.


Check out VLC at the link here for Windows ME.

After more carefully following the instructions on the page you linked to (the MSLU files, in particular), it works! Thanks!

You're welcome! VLC is a super powerful program, and it's open source and free, which makes it awesome too. Basically if VLC can't play it, you don't need to watch it.

Like Cartermarquis said, you always need to check if the software is compatible with your specific operating system. Oh, and from windows 98 to ME isn't an upgrade: many people have had issues with it. Some even call it the worst operating system Windows has ever created!

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Since you are using Windows ME I would highly suggest installing GeeXboX OS and therefore turning your old computer into some kind of media center. but yes VLC is very nice player

I think that you lost the DVD decoder upgrading to me What are the specs of the laptop? Even though this is solved i still want to know.

I have a laptop that came with windows 98 SE It know runs windows xp Quite well actually its specs are: 400MHz processor(slow but runs xp well) 150Mb of ram I would recommend upgrading to XP to get the most out of that machine

Ewwww! ME VLC is free and contains a dvd encoder, (The codec which allows a system to play a dvd) that should work flawlessly if ME will play nicely