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Can you recommend sticker printing companies they could check? Answered

My niece and her group mates need to raise funds for their school festival. They decided to sell foods but still need to market them. They are considering printing marketing materials like posters, flyers, and custom stickers. Do you think it's a great idea? Or can you recommend printing companies they could check?


Best answer is colour print them and laminate it isn't costly - Commercial printing expects runs of 100's or 1000's

It's good to know that there are young kids who are willing to invest efforts in marketing. But going back to your question, I think their plan is pretty good. Asking a company to print stickers, posters,and flyers is the most practical thing to do. Printed marketing materials are more effective if you have a captured market. If I'm not mistaken, in this case, your niece and her pals will only sell to their schoolmates. And for the printing company, you can check http://www.printrunner.com/sticker-printing.html