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Can you somehow convert a cell phone home charging unit into a solar cell phone charger? Answered


Unfortunately, this cannot be done with a wall charger. The wall charger input is 125v AC (Alternating current) in US and Canada and is higher is some other countries. Small solar cells have an output of only 2-6v DC (Direct current). Like Jarren said, you could wire only the plug to a solar cell, as long as the voltage isn't too high for the phone. You seem like you want to still be able to plug the charger into a wall outlet, so I would suggest cutting the charger cable and connecting each half to a plug/socket and having another plug or socket (opposite of whichever is connected to the charging end of the cable (not the wall outlet end. That way you can plug the charging end into the wall or into the solar cell. Remember to use a blocking diode and also make sure the solar cells aren't overpowering the phone.

Thank you for your information -- you are very helpful. So, could I connect the phone wire to a small solar cell as long as I also included a blocking diode? I guess there are instructables already onsite that I should look at.

An update to this question: I really like the car phone charger converted to a solar powered charger posted by january.30.2008. Could the same thing be done with a regular home charging unit that is plugged into the wall -- can the unit w/plug be converted to a solar powered charger, as well? As you can tell I have little knowledge of these things, but am curious.