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Can you splice audio cables into the back of a receiver? Answered

Hey all, I have a 5.1 sound system hooked up to my computer's sound card. The front, rear and sub each have separate amps. However, I am not running a center speaker. (ie. quadraphonic with sub. or 4.1) I am wondering if it would work to route the center output into the amp for the front speakers. i would simply splice the wires so that both center and front signals went into the same connector on the back of the amp? What I am wondering is if doing this could mess up my sound card.


No, i don't think you want to do that. You'd need to mix them using a preamplifier first. I think radio shack sells a little 4-channel mixer that would do the job.

It might just mess up your sound card. Splicing another speaker into the existing speaker cable would alter the impedance of that part of the system. All amps work best with a certain impedance. Some amps die when hooked up to the wrong impedance. It's been my experience that some sound cards are very tolerant of mismatches. The designers knew that we would connect all kinds of things to them and built in safeguards. Some cards don't have any safeguards and don't take any abuse. Good luck.

You need a separate amp for the centre to work properly. Splicing things isn't going to give you the full surround effect. L