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Can you suggest ideas for recycling leather from a broken recliner? More imaginative than belts, purses or pouches. Answered

It seems a terrible waste of quality leather to just trash this chair. Can you help with creative uses of the leather pieces I could salvage?


a lace on steering wheel cover

If you cut it into strips you can weave or braid it into anything.

I made a sweet canted holster for my Kimber .45 by using two thicknesses. I also covered my cheap briefcase and made an underarm bag/holster for a knife, small pistol, pepperspray and spare mags. I saw a lightswitch plate covered in thin leather. How about a bullwhip, hatband, bolo tie, eyeglass strap. wristguard for archery, handle wrap for anything. Fix your ragged jeans by putting a layer on the cuffs or in the pockets to protect them from....pocket stuff. Soft leather is great for a willing partner as it doesnt hurt her wrists if tied right! Cover a moleskin notebook. Class up some cheap furniture with a leather inlay. Make a keyring usb holder. Use a drawstring to make a bag for stuff.


9 years ago

Assasin Creed wrist blade. That's what I'm doing.

Use it to cover the writing surface of a home made lap desk., cut into strips for lacing, make bolas, cut foot shaped pieces and glue / stitch them to the bottom of heavy socks to make slippers, wrap you stearng wheel, make leather place mats or coasters.

Gloves, leather's already nice and broken in so the gloves would be great for driving, etc. Most people love the touch of leather, wrap items in your house that you use frequently (knobs, handles, etc). Bicycle or mcycle grips too. Leather slapjack (google it). Retro clothing: Add leather accents, patches to thrift store finds.

Leather table top, sling shot (biblical variety), bolo, hat, moccasins, motorcycle/bike seat, pillow,