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Can you suggest some other materials for Candy Wrapper Bags? Answered

Rolls of candy wrap plastic/cellophane don't seem to be available in Australia.( I don't know what to call them")  
I have made several so called candy wrapper bags using paper and tape so I want to find a "paper" that is already laminated or weather/waterproofed as my arthritic hands are not suited to all the cutting and sticking of paper and sticky tape. My current bag takes over 300 pieces so reducing some of the steps will make it more manageable. Any ideas will be greatly welcomed. Thank you.


Cellophane wrap is often used by florists to wrap bouquets of flowers - I see it is available on Ebay. or you could try a local Florist.


Sell cellophane wrap.

A number of hits came up with this search

Thank's for you assistance. I'm looking next.

You could make nice bags from wax paper or parchment paper.

Thanks, Sounds good I hope I can find them in coloured or patterned. The paper is great. Thank's