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Can you take the arduino chip out of the arduino? Answered

I have a pulse width modulation circuit set up on my arduino.
Is there a way to take the chip out and connect it to leds?

Can anyone explain this simple concept to me?

I need to have a TINY PWM circuit


You can take the atmega chip from the arduino and use it here is a great instructable but that would be a little costly you use a hole atmega chip for a little PWM circuit so better is to buy a attiny85 and program it using the arduino.Here is a great tutorial by randy

What does the PWM have to do? Is an Arduino chip overkill ?

I'd really like to make a simple rainbow filter. But if this becomes too difficult i might just drop it down to two colors and alternate them or something with a 555...

Yes. There are several instructables which describe doing so, including at least one which describes how to use an arduino to initialize a chip which has not previously had the arduino bootloader installed.

can you possibly link me? I must be searching the wrong keywords...

Here is one:

Also, search Instructables for "really bare bones arduino", which will find a range of solutions going all the way down to single-chip.