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Can you turn a working scanner into a light table? Answered

I was thinking it would be cool if someone wrote code to tell a scanner's arm to come out into the middle and light up, making it a light table, that could then still be used as a scanner,


Im doing this now, thanks for the idea!! ill post an instructable if all goes well!!

Yes it can be done. Once you make this modification, you cannot revert this back to a 'scanner.' The scanner glass is quite thick and durable, so no worries there. Several modifications can be done, even if you only have a little experience with electronics. First, pop the hood on it and familiarize yourself with the primary drive stepper motor and the attached drive belt. Then attached to the belt will be the flourescent tube on a module. This module is connected to the main controller via ribbon cable. Take out the ribbon cable (scissors will work fine) and then carefully disassemble all of the electronics attached to the scanner itself, but don't disturb the module. After poking around on the module, you'll find a little circuit board containing a transformer (commonly yellow) and a two wire input plug. This plug accepts a range of voltage, of which experimentation with a lab-power supply (find other instructables on how to convert a computer PSU cheaply) to find the best voltage, just start with lowest voltages. The light will come on at your command now after you appply that specific voltage. Then, cut a hole in the side of the scanner's plastic wall so you can manually turn the belt and move the light. All done!

you may be ablo to do that with the existing software if not then try to scan something and when it gets to the center unplug the computer cable and leave the power connected i won't suggest using a scanner - its glass is quite thin and is usually just glued to the plastic from inside if you want to draw etc use a flatron. you can open a white window on it for light. you can display an image on it to redraw (quite blurry but not too much)