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Can you un-feature a comment? Answered

Can a featured comment be un-featured and put back into the order with other comments?


The answer to your question is no, Because the "feature comment" option was disabled in the last Instructables update, So you can't feature, Or un-feature comments :(

I was just able to feature your comment. And it said "sticky successfully set."

It aprars I can still uncheck "feature comment" here but not on my instructable.

I don't get the feature comment option on all comments on my instructable. Also it's sometimes there on some comments and sometimes its on none.

Clearly its some kind of a glitch.

Thanks, I guess I answered my own question.

That's weird...

I do know that the "feature comment" does work in the forums and here


2 years ago

Sure, delete it and retype with a few changes.

Thanks, I'm not referring to my comments, but others that I have featured on my instructable. I cannot delete other peoples comments, featured or not. There seems to be no option to un-feature.

If you tell me which comments you no longer want featured on which instructable I can definitely help! Send me a PM with that info and I'll get right on it!

Troy aka tomatoskins

-Your friendly neighborhood Instructables staff

You can flag the other as ... not nice, inappropriate or spam ... then wait till senior staff review the comment and if they agree the offensive comment will disappear.