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Can you use a different CD for GTA? Answered

 So I installed GTA on my computer, then I had lost the game completely. 
The question is, can I go and buy GTA 4 and use the new CD to play my already installed game?


Yes you can. Each cd has exatly the same programs on it. The only thing that's different is the installation code. But since you already installed it it won't ask you for it.

Remember though when reinstalling the game to use the old code if you registrated it on rockstar games!

I don't remember if Gta4 had an installation code but if not ignore what I said...

In short: yep you can!

Oh and this is sorta on the edge of the illegal side. But you say that you bought the game so in that case it isn't but you can google for a "GTA 4 no cd crack/patch"

Then download it and extract it. Follow the guidelines that are stated in the readme and then you will be able to play gta4 without a CD.

Watch out though because some of those sites have virusses.

Use at your own risk, I don't take any responsibility I'm just saying that tis is another option :)

If you buy GTA4 you can play that. Different versions won't benefit from a different disk of course.