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Can you use an old dish to boost an antenna's reception? Answered

You seemingly cannot hook a dish straight up to a TV or DTV box and expect anything from it.

But could you use it in conjunction with another (small if necessary) antenna to boost the signal? (The signal would be coming in to the antenna and could operate completely on it's own.)



A satellite receiver expects to get a signal from the "dish" from the LNB where the channel selection actually happens. You can't feed a signal into a receiver without a LNB and expect to get anything.


As I have said, the "electronics" in/on the dish are irrelevant. No signal will be going in through the dish.

As I have said, no amount of amplification or focussing of the signal will make it directly compatible with the box. Demodulation has to happen BEFORE the box.


Loose wires and metal kitchen plates Do Not Make It Work !
A shaped dish critically concentrating in phase radiation makes it WORK !!

I would just use your old attena and run a cable from the old attena to the dish (Drill a hole through it and connect the wire up). This would work like wrapping tinfoil around a radio arial to increace reception. Test it before actualy trying it as I am noy sure it will work. but the chances are it will work.

I don't think that would make much difference. If it's a matter of extra metal "mass" I could just find and old shopping cart or something.

Just think how the Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty and the London Ferris Wheel could really improve our young explosiver's radio !

Wow Now that's metal ?
Everybody can run a wire to the monster metal thing nearest but make sure it's not grounded to the Earth then it might pickup the nearby galaxy radio waves.


The LNB ( Low Noise Block ) does more than amplify, it also does a
sophisticated down conversion of the satellite signal.



7 years ago

A metal dish usually in the shape of a parabola is used to reflect and
concentrate or disperse EM ( Radio, TV, microwaves ) to or from an
antenna or waveguide.

When you say "old dish" are you referring to kitchen metal plate ?


Technically, if you had a metal plate, that should work right?

Or perhaps one of those giant backyard ones that are now converted into ponds. Just kick the ducks out and fire it up!!

Any dish has a "gun" in it. That's the part that actually sends and receives. The gun is tuned to a specific frequency and has a DB level. Whatever you hook it to needs to be set to those values.


The electrical components in the satellite dish would be irrelevant. I'm suggesting making a small antenna, and using it in place of the dish's thingamajig.

(Still nothing going through to the dish.)