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Can you use arduino as usb client? Answered

I was wondering is it possible to use arduino as a usb client? For example i have made backups of my wii games, and use arduino to make a connection from my wii to my pc and use the arduino as a virtual harddisk that is mapped to a folder. Or to use the pc or laptop as a usb harddisk.??


No, unfortunately. An arduino can only "ennumerate" as a "Virtual com port"


The new Arduino Unos can have their USB interface reflashed as something other than a com port, but I suspect there's not enough processing power in the Arduino to make it a viable mass storage device on that scale.

Does someone know any other way? Might be a interresting project if this is possible.

Also, if this thread is accurate, the maximum USB rate from an Arduino is in the 1-2 Mbps range. Even the old USB 1.1 speeds were generally unsuitable for hard drive usage, and those were around 11 Mbps.

Maybe you could manage it with a much more powerful or specialized microcontroller, but I can't guess which one that might be, if any.