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Can you use scratch remover for cars on a bass/guitar to remove scratches? Answered

Like that stuff pitched by Billy on the tv. I belive its called "Simonz Fix-It"


Well, theoretically, fiberglass is fiberglass, so an appropriately colored filler ought to do the job. It's not as if an electric guitar's body affects its acoustic properties....

No opinion about that particular product.

Ask a local music store what they recommend?

Side note: Actually, an electric guitar's body does affect it's acoustic properties.

The outside of the bass is presumably painted, and clear coated with paint very similar to automotive grade (enamel).  I would bet that automotive polish would be just the ticket.


An electric guitar isn't fiberglass. If it's worth fixing take it to a good paint store that sells automotive paint and they will hook you up with the right compound and polishes. Don't go to a home improvement or auto parts store the stuff you want won't be there. Simonz is the the right idea just the wrong quality.