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Can you use the Sixaxis controller with the nexus 7 (not the dualshock)? Answered

Can you use the origional ps3 controller and not the dualshock with the nexus 7
This one:
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Agptek+-+SIXAXIS+Gaming+Pad+-+White/5294346.p?id=1218629903322&skuId=5294346&st=sixaxis controller&cp=1&lp=1
Not this one:
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+DualShock+3+Wireless+Controller+for+PlayStation+3/8782533.p;jsessionid=7DA8370DA24B60532F7A7FF6EF401878.bbolsp-app06-33?id=1205245968202&skuId=8782533&st=dualshock 3&cp=1&lp=1


I couldn't get the first webpage that you have listed to load, but I do know that I can use a PlayStation 3 controller on my Nexus 7 WITHOUT rooting. If you want wireless gaming then yes you will have to root it to have root Bluetooth access.
All you need is an adapter like the one I ordered from Amazon for less than $1 (I'm sure you could find one on eBay as well)
Some of the FREE games that I've learned that I can play are - Dead Trigger, Shadowgun:Deadzone, SoulCraft THD (beta), Beach Buggy Blitz, and game emulators such as Nesoid, Snesoid, Gensoid, N64oid and others that can be setup with keymappings. Its fun to play the old school games like Tetris and Super Mario Bros 3 on my Nexus 7.
Some of the PAID games are Shadowgun the one player version of Deadzone,  Samurai II: Vengance
That's all the ones I have found so far but have only had my Nexus 7 for a week or so.

You can link ps3 controllers with android, but the android device needs to be rooted to give the low level usb control required to rewrite the id in the controller.  so yes and no.

If you're willing to root your shiny new tablet...you have a controller!

compatability checker:

full app

Well, I dont have the controller yet, or the tablet. And im not wanting to root a fully fine tablet just to use a controller. Ive seen on-rooted tablets handle it fine...I was wondering if a user had any luck with the origional sixaxis controller because its cheaper than the dualshock 3 :l

That's the only method I've seen - beyond my knowledge, I'd have to search, and that doesn't help me one bit - so perhaps a search is warranted to find the information you need.