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Can you use your kitchen oven for acryclic painting on glass? Answered

I am painting on glass blocks with acrylic paint and I decided to drill a whole in it and when I did all of the paint washed off.What do you do with glass after it is painted.I have asked this before about putting your glass item in oven.What kind of oven or can I use my kitchen oven?


I have to ask you why you are not using glass paint? The instructions for the oven temp are on each bottle. That stuff is really on for good.

If all of the paint washed off then either it was not dry yet or the surface was not clean. Dried acrylic paint should not wash off with water. But I don't see any problem using the oven to "bake" your paint. It contains nothing flamable or really toxic. I use a toaster oven to bake on my krylon paint on electronic boxes and such but I to that out in my shop and use an oven that will never again see food since the paints I use have lots of chemicals that would make the food unsafe to eat. And probably wouldn't help the flavor.

Thank you for letting me know about a toaster oven.As you see I am a amateur at this.I will invest in toaster oven.What degree and for how long do I leave it in oven.

I use 150 deg. for 30 min's. That's for Krylon paint but should be a good starting point for the acrylic. I got my oven at the dollar store for $22.


8 years ago

Did you mix in some 'painting on glass' medium? Jo Sonja has it. That fixes the problem. Acrylic paints won't harm your oven.

I know nothing about paint or putting it in oven. I will look for some painting on glass. If I put it in my kitchen oven, what degree and for how long.Thank you so much I will try this.