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Can you vote for yourself in contests? I have but I feel bad should I unvote? Answered


I think you should even if it gets discounted. You can vote for more than one person and if its an option than I dont think its wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting yourself to win.


9 years ago

The President gets to vote for himself, why not you? Seems fair to me.

Why would you not vote for yourself? It's an obvious and easy vote, besides if you don't vote for yourself then what kind of message is that saying about your instructable?

Who cares if it's omitted or discounted in whatever process happens when they tally the votes, it's a no-brainer.

Mabe people like an underdog, and if I vote for myself and someone sees I have a certain number of votes they might vote for someone else who has less out of pity. My instructable(s) is(are) amazing by the way

It is possible, but apparently such votes get discounted in the counting process. Plus, the site management send out their specially-trained gremlins to slightly loosen all the bearings in your dremel.

Yes, you can vote your own instructables that are in the contest, and it is wrong to vote for yourself.