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Can you watch videos or hear music while converting videos, or will it ruin the audio for the video? Answered

the converting video is either ging to be MP4 or MPG format so i was just wondering if hearing music or watching youtube videos will affect the audio for either format?


If you're just converting in a program then it shouldn't affect the outcome of the video, though asking the computer to do demanding things during video re-encoding and also when rendering can lead to the odd skipped frame and things, though music should be fine...

what do you mean by demanding things while video converting?
It is just a program converter, but I also try to lower the volume or something like that, but the end results seem to be just fine though.

Nothing to do with the volume, it's just if you do something that slows the computer down loads it can sometimes mess up video encoding on you, just don't play games or run any really serious programs at the same time and it'll be fine...

You might want to lower the priority of the video-encode process (for Windows use Task Manager). I'll take longer but not chew-up so much of your processing power. Like other comments, the encode should be fine, watching may be affected.



8 years ago

It really depends on the software and the OS you use. Some programs will 'lock' a file when another is accessing it (try deleting a video while watching the same file in Media Player), while others will use it as a non-exclusive share, so multiple programs can access it at the same time. If the former, you won't be able to view the video, or convert it, not both.

If the latter, you may experience some frame loss in the watching program, but in general, the one doing the conversion will suffer no serious side effects, as the program would typically buffer some data in memory to allow for HD access inconsistencies (e.g. when the viewing program is doing it's reading). The OS, being multi-tasking, would normally handle this quite seamlessly.