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Can you waterproof a DSLR camera? Answered

Hi, I am buying a DSLR camera which has a 50x optical zoom (the fuji sl1000) , and I was wandering if it is possible to waterproof it.
I know this sounds impossible but I was thinking if maybe patching all the holes with sugru might do the job.

I mean, it would be so awesome to be able to do this! It would be a waterproof telephoto camera for half the price.

The question is, can it be done?... That is why I placed this in the burning question category, cause maybe one of you awesome makers can do it, or at least answer my question.

    Thank you all.


How about going for "weather resistant"? That sounds possible.

That is a good idea... Do you have any tips for that?

I think I saw someone glue or weld, or tape a screw-on-lens-filter to a ziplock bag. I wouldn't go scuba diving with that, but it should handle a light rain. Be sure to take camera out when you get back to a dry environ, since the tiniest bit of damp that gets in will be sealed in.

Sure but it would make the camera unusable. Sealing all the holes would mean fusing the lens to the body and rendering the focus unusable. This would also mean fusing all buttons and switches to the body.

Your best bet would be to put it in a clear plastic bag. But that is vary risky. There is a reason water proof cameras cost so much. A lot goes into the design and manufacture of the camera so that everything can be self contained inside the housing. All moving parts are sealed in. Buttons and switches penetrate through heavy rubber seals. It's vary difficult to make a water proof telaphoto lens.

No. Even if yo could seal any possible opening with Sugru, it has a
zoom objective. There is air inside the tube. So when you expand the
lens (like in the photo) air has to go in, if the lens shrinks, air has
to go out. Under water - the lens will either not zoom - or water has to
go in an out. Only thing that helps is a water proof housing. Expensive, bulky, heavy but well, works.

Your not going to be able to plug every hole and seam with sugru and still be able to use the camera. One twist of the lens, one mash of a button and you just compromised the seals.

If you want some underwater shots then just get a go pro or something designed to be sumerged.

Trying to sela a camare this way will never work not just for the moving parts but simply for the pressure differential.

But the most important factor is that a cam housing is not be designed to be in contact with salt water, even fresh water will mess it up after time.

I have seen people using acrylic sheets to make a water proof box and to use a IR remote in a plastic bag as a trigger.

As these designs are enclosing a lot more air than a decidated housing several kg of weight had to be added so the thing does not pop to the surface.

In general you can say underwater cameras are either fixed in the lens or only offer minute lens movements, all quite small and comapct units.


4 years ago

What if I were to seal all the holes and buttons with sugru and then seal the lens with a plastic bag? Like this: (the red lines indicate plastic bag covering)

By the way, I'm considering the waterproofing a bonus not a necessity; it's still the zoom I'm looking for.


For many camera models you can get underwater housings, some for a depths of up to 50m, might be easier to buy a dedicated underwater camera.

Or to buy a simpler model that allows for a waterproof housing.