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Can you win more than one contest with the same instructable? Answered



7 years ago

I'll let you know in a week or two. ;)

If it fits the contest, put it in. Though you might want to have a go at improving the picture quality a little - you've got nicer images to use as the main image #1, a few others would benefit from a brightness/contrast tweak.


ok, thanks for the answer. I will take your advice and figure out how to get better pics.

Most of 'em are right, a bit of "polishing" / refinement is good for completions.


Yes , you can win more with one instructables . for example I see this Instructables that win 2 prize :


Grand prize in "Flash light contest" & First Prize in "Summer projects contest" .
Also remember your Instructables should published until the contest time .

Each contest has it's own set of rules. The most basic answer to your question is yes, as long as it conforms to the rules of both contests (which may or may not address having an ible in multiple contests).

Ok, i entered in one contest and thought it might work in another. Thanks for the answer.

If you can use sugru, adhesives, conductive thread, leds, and woodworking to make a back-to-school-wedding thing...then go for it!