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Can you wire IR devices together? Answered

Can you wire ir devices together?  I'm not sure how exactly IR emitters/transceivers works but if you connect the line going to the IR component directly to the line in the other IR component in the other device, would you have a fully functioning wired connection?  This is for something simple, below the tech of your normal tv remote, like a dollarstore rc car.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It all depends on what you're trying to combine and how they were designed.

It may just fail to work.

It may short out on of the systems or both.

It may over load the ir device.

It may work perfectly.

It might be better to have the ir device control a relay and let the relay control each of the different devices so that you can keep them simple.  This could be done with transistors probably but a relay is pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

Depends on design. Could be possible but most likely not. Running a NOT over the line before it goes in might work, but the whole concept will be kind of sketchy depends so much on the devices. The easiest solution would probably be to take the IR diode out, tape it to the IR receiver (crude optocoupler) and then run wires between the IR and the remote.

IF you had transceivers with logic level outputs, you COULD run them into an OR gate and try that.