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Can zippo wick be used as candle wick? Answered

Was looking for a longer burning wick than just cotton. It was suggested that zippo wick might work. Is zippo wick a fire safe wicking for candles? And if so ... Is there a wax recipe (soy, oils, etcettera added to wax) that works best with a zippo wick? 




5 months ago

will work only in a floating water and oil candle but you need a very small wick

A candle wick is supposed to burn down. IF it is correctly sized for the candle it will match the wax use and the entire candle will burn down with no over spill or unused wax. Where the candle is really big you may see more then 1 wick being used.

Unfortunately many/most common candles bought today are not so well matched and the wick burns faster than the wax is used up resulting in lots of wax running down the side of the candle and a lot of wax left at the end.

You tune the wick to candle size by selecting a thicker wick for a wider candle.

I guess a zippo wick isn't intended to burn at all, in fact I recall a lighter my dad had which had an asbestos wick (not to be recommended)

Buy correct wicks rather than use plain cotton, they should be braided and treated to burn as they should for candle use.


I tried them ears ago as the added metal wire was thought to be a good idea.
Turns out they work really well for oil lamps but not that good with wax.
Getting them going once soaked in wax is one thing but the short length makes the use very limited.
On top of that comes the problem that the wick no longer is able to burn off the carbon soot that is collecting.
So after a bit of usage and depending on the wax used the wick turns into a black lump that no longer works.
Oil is a bit better here but still requires a quite long wick, which can cause the flame to smoke, if the wick is too short it again won't burn off the soot properly.

Just use it as a candle wick it will work.