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Canada Amateur Model Rocketry? Answered

I've recently been looking into model rocketry, and was excited at the prospect of making and testing my own small sugar rocket motors. I've done quite a bit of research, and have discovered that many of the oxidizers i would need to use are not available in Canada (ex. KNO3, ammonium nitrate etc...). The only option I discovered was to synthesize KClO3, which I'm not interested in considering how dangerous and unstable it seems to be.
I was wondering if any fellow Canadians have found anything that can be used as a substitute/any way for me to pursue this as a hobby without buying motors pre-made, which I'm not interested in.
Any help is appreciated.


You may purchase any of the restricted components from the restricted components list if you do not create Restricted component products. I guess that's the same as making R-Candy ☹️

wait I think we can still make R-candy because we are not selling it.

potassium nitrate can be legally purchased from chemical supply company's, as long as the amount is 25 kg or less. Alpha chem carries it for 340 dollars for 25 kg They also carry a small amount but that is very expensive.

ok i was in the same situation as you it turns out that some canadian tiers sell stump remover (potassium nitrate) and this is what i use to make b.p or rocket fuel you might need to ask around a few stores though its called

Falling Leaf Stump Remover

Which Canadian Tire location carried it when you asked?

There is a reason you don't find much info about making your own motors. For one it's dangerous and 2 it can be used to make bombs. If you want to pursue rocketry then you will need to work with the motors that are available and focus more on the design and function of your rocket. Maybe explore using small jet like engines using liquid fuel to get your initial launch and move to the solid motors for the higher altitudes. Multi stage rockets are what the big dogs play with.