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Candle Cannon Answered

These guys built a huge version of the AirZooka and are able to send blasts of air strong enough to knock out candles at well over 100 feet.

I want to make one!

via Neatorama


Great vid, though I'm curious what easy to generate smoke do you make assuming you aren't a rabid chain smoker or playing with oily rags?

You can buy theatrical smoke generators (which is what they seem to be using in the video), or plant a load of incense sticks inside the beast.

I've heard of people filling air cannon with smells - apparently the chap that invented them made one the size of a barrel, then shot people with invisible stinks in the street - they would suddenly find themselves in a cloud of odour.

I have also heard plans to fill air cannons with flammable vapour and shoot them at ignition sources - shoot a cloud of alcohol vapour at a smoker and they get enveloped in a momentary flash of flame.

I loaded an airzooka with cigarette smoke back in the day when I had a friend who smoked- the rings were a lot more impressive of you just fired it gently. We did plan to add butane injection to it as we were already working on a remote butane system for his go-ped but never got round to it. I believe the original inventor fired hydrogen sulphide at people in the street... ewww.

It would be bad if it ignited inside the barrel :(

Think of the smoke ring it would fire, though...

Ya, that would be pretty cool.

Speaking of speed and smelss this somehow reminded me of part of Ron White's standup routine where he said something like:

We were traveling by plane at half the speed of smell and got passed by a kite. Then one of the two engines failed. And the guy sitting next to me went nuts and asked how far the other engine would take us, and I replied, "All the way to the scene of the crash, bet we beat the paramedics there by a good 35 minutes....
-- Ron White

I wish they went to 200 feet tehy probably did aznd it didn't work so they didn't add it.


10 years ago

Wow! Yes, yes you must make one! :-)


Airzookas are so much fun - we have two, and #1 son and I have frequent gunfights with them.

I built one last year with my Science Club, using a large cardboard box, but it ha since been recycled. I really must replace it...

what material/cloth did you use for the part that pushes the air?

Just a plastic bin-bag, cut and opened into a sheet.

The box was about 3x3 feet* on the end, and about 4 feet long. I didn't use bungees, but I added a cardboard handle on a cardboard disc to the centre of the bag to allow for easy pushing.

The hole I cut in the front of the box was about 8 inches diameter. It could knock Christmas cards over at a range of about 5 or 6 yards. If I had bothered to taper the body of the cannon, and used a cylindrical body instead of square (like in the video), it would have had a much greater range.

*This post has been rendered into Imperial units to aid the understanding of our Colonial readers.

*this post has been rendered into imperial units to aid the understanding of our colonial readers. Hmmm. I think I understand the metric system. But thanks, because I know the rest of america doesn't!

Thank you so much! I'm thinking about making this from a garbage can. ;-)

I so want to build this so I could learn to not fall when I am near explosions (I am a ninja so people hire me to blow stuff up)

That's awesome, makes me want to dig out my airzooka again.