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Cannibalizing old electronics Answered

I am taking apart and desolder some vintage Mac Powerbooks and I found this Logitech 9215H IC on the trackballs PCB. I wonder.
All datasheets I find say it is for a floppy..

Anyone has informations about that IC? I would love to use it in any kind of project.

The Powerbook is thisone http://oldcomputers.net/apple-powerbook.html



5 years ago

I think what you've got there is a Toshiba 42C60P microcontroller (datasheet.) Some of the info I found said it was discontinued in 1996 so it fits the time frame.

I also found a project where a guy was screwing around with these chips, but there isn't much documentation, hope it helps. http://www.decadecounter.com/vta/articleview.php?item=307

Yes found that too. but it did not help much. Will discontinue any ideas on that IC. Its useless.

Clean board

How did you clean the board. I would like to clean my pc boards, but only have a paintbrush, tap water, and cloths!

Brush off the dust as best you can then use a cloth or paper towel to dab some rubbing alcohol on the board and scrub the rest clean with the brush. An old tooth brush is also very handy here.

Never did... I just took it out. its already taken in pieces.

Contact Logitech and ask for a datasheet.