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Cannot Edit Published Instructables Answered

I cannot edit published Instructables.  It just keeps churning whenever another step is clicked or when I click "Save Now".  This happens in the most recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer (Win 7).


Hey AngryReadhead! I just tried editing two of my published instrutables, in both Firefox 3.6 and and IE8 on Windows 7. They both seemed to work fine for me. What exactly happens when you click the edit button on a published instructable? Is it a specific one you're having trouble with, or can you not edit any of them? As soon as I figure out the exact problem, I'll pass it along to people who can fix it. So let me know exact what you're doing, and getting, and I'll do my best to recreate it on my end.

Yeah, I find this site tends to get cranky sometimes, and just not do anything I ask it to. It's kind of weird. I'll try again a few hours later, and everything seems fine. I'll have to talk to the dev team and see what kind of stuff might cause that.

Try Chrome maybe? Or try a different internet connection. Some are too slow for Flash.

Downloading Chrome doesn't really solve the larger problem of the edit not working in the two most popular browsers, and I'm sure a fiber optic line is more than fast enough.