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Cannot download ebooks, no links, have pro membership Answered

Hi, I cannot download any of your ebooks with a pro membership - I simply do not get the download screens. And yes, have checked browser, security, plug-ins etc... no joy. Can you make sure I am activated correctly? Also there appears to be many people with this problem, so do you have an alternative method of getting pdfs?



You are currently Pro. Is this only happening with ebooks, not with projects? Can you take a screenshot so I know what you are seeing and either post it in a comment here or email it to info@instructables.com?


That is correct. I have gone right through everything, turned off adblock, ghostery, changed security settings etc etc... even checked the registry. No luck.

no ebooks.jpg

This is actually a really weird issue with certain browser/operating system combinations. They're unable to make a browser/OS do this in the office, so they don't know what's causing it. If you can detail what your OS and browser are that would help a lot (please be as specific as possible).

Until then, it does work. Those gold slivers under the text are your buttons, your browser is just cutting off the upper 3/4's of them. You can click them and they will work as advertised. See my image attached for clarification on what each one is.

Also, check the zoom level on your browser, if you're zoomed in, that may be causing the problem.


I can recreate this on Windows 7 with Firefox 12.0. My screenshot looks identical to TheStudio7's screenshot.

I can see the buttons, as two narrow rectangles under the description box. This may be from the font on your browser being enlarged. In some browsers, ctrl+0 (zero) will reset the font type and may revel the buttons under the text block.

Can you also please tell us your browser and operating system you are seeing this problem on.