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Cannot edit instructable Answered

When I go to continue my step-by-step instructable, instructables has this gray rectangle that says: "Updating...", and I can see the things that I did popping up, but everything is there (I think...?), and the little rectangle is not going away... What's going on here???


There was a hiccup on the site last night, we're hoping to have it resolved around noon today!

This is good news. I can't even begin a new instructable. 8-/

We like breaking the site so we can make it better.

lol... PrObAbLy! Job security, right? ;-D

Seems to be all fixed now... knock on wood! ;-)

I still can't edit or start a new instructable. Maybe tomorrow?

These bugs are so fickle. Keep trying!

I just closed Safari, rebooted and it started right up. Back to work!

Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same problem, trying to edit an unpublished 'ble. Tried in chrome and in ie8, no luck.

I use Google chrome and had the same problem last night.

I, too, am experiencing this problem with three different browsers. I hope this helps raise awareness of the issue - thanks for looking into this, Instructables staff

The error seems to have resolved on my end using Chrome

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. This issue should be resolved. Please let me know if you're still experiencing this issue.

Not as of 10 Dec 2011. I [still] have the same editing problems as so many others. Whatever happened to the old Editor code?

Ah, wait, I have it working in Firefox now, but I'm sure it's slower than editing was in the good old days (it wasn't working at all in either IE8 or FF7 on WinXP last month).
Keep an eye out for my next 'ible on How to build a gothic chicken coop...


6 years ago

i have the same trouble, i can`t add or edit my instructables, it`s so frustrating

I hope your issue is resolved...! So frustrating, I've entered my steps two times each, and every time I go back, they are gone...even with hitting 'save'. Guess I will try again tomorrow. :(

ok, so now it starts working, i get my first step finished, i go to add a step...and guess what happens?.. "Updating"........................ woooow -.-