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Cannot reset mini 7" netbook any help? Answered

Hi all I bought one of them mini 7" netbooks from China  and have had nothing but trouble with it. After flashing the rom with WinCE  I found it was worse so tried to flash Android back on, but now the screen a just black and nothing happens at all when I press the power button, I have been told there is something inside that can be done to bring these back to life but cant find anything on the internet about it
The reset button underneath the machine does nothing at all as I have tried that, any help would be appreciated
thanks for reading.



6 years ago

It would help if you told us the brand but I would guess you've corrupted the registry. If you can completely remove the battery and wait for about 30 seconds, replace it and then reboot, it might help.
That's about all I can suggest based on the sketchy information you given.


Answer 6 years ago

Yeah Burf because the registry would stop even the power light coming on would it. and what difference would it have been to you knowing the brand if by your thinking its a corrupted reg. and sketchy information you say,its not turning on or powering up what more info can I give.