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Canon Powershot SD1100. The lense is stuck and won't retract. Any suggestions? Answered

Hi most brilliant community-
Unfortunately, I'm very accident prone and dropped my Canon Powershot SD1100. The lense will not retract. When I turn it on you can hear the motor whirring, but it's not taking the lens in. An error message pops up sayin "lense error, restart camera" which I've done. I have also googled this error have been to many sites that tell you to hit it, or push this button while pushing that button but I can't seem to get it to budge. I did open it up to take a look and the lense is, of course fully enclosed. Most replacement lenses are arount $80 w/o labor. I am convinced that this camera can be saved (without mucho dollars) Has anyone ever taken one apart and more importantly, mended a camera such as this? Can a klutzy but resourceful girl (me) fix this on my own?
I have a second camera (same type) that i spilled a melted frosty all over and now it wont turn on. I'll leave that situation for another time!
Thank you to anyone and everyone who has any suggestions!



Point and shoot cameras are a nightmare to disassemble and reassemble. They are well worth the labour to get them fixed. It's not impossible by any stretch, and you have nothing much to lose trying to fix a broken camera. I would personally pay to get it done based on my experience taking these damn things apart.

Have you been to http://www.e18error.com/ ? It's the single largest repository for lens error fixes for Canon Powershot cameras. I've used some of their tricks, and some work, though not always. Another thing to do is to search eBay for a broken Sd1100, but one that has, for example, a broken screen. I have repaired several Powershot A590's in this way -- mix and matching units broken in different ways.

Here are two SD1100s on ebay for almost no money. I can't tell if the lens mechanisms are any good. http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-2-Canon-Powershot-SD1100-Dig-Cameras-SALVAGE-/280521963986