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Can't See Pictures Answered

When I logged on now and click on some instructables in my box I couldn't see the pictures in the instructables. I Can see the ible's thumbnail but when I go through to it I only get the text and not the pictures.



Which ibles?

All of them that are actually IN instructables, everywhere. Embedded videos seem to up though. Windows 7, Chrome.

OK< I've suddenly got the same happening for me, and for forum topics as well.

I think they've broken the site while pushing out an update, because there are a few little changes appearing as well (e.g. the vote button). Presumably they'll notice this pretty quickly...

(passing messages to HQ now)

Thanks Kiteman. It seems unbroken in the non-logged-on version, at least for now...

It is being fixed as I type. The fix "may take a while to propagate".

The non-logged-on version lags behind the logged-on version.

Don't know about him, but I have been trying random ones since I noticed it to be sure I wasn't just looking at a text only ible.

Altoids marbles was one; as was a Food one about granulated rice something or other (didn't look at title specifically, just wanted a bigger sample); the LED ring that has just started to show up on the popular ibles column; The LEDs in parallel ible.

Having same prob, were not alone.

I'm having the same problem. Mac OSX 10.6.8
Can't download the PDF files to view offline, either. Is the site now wanting us to pay to look at this? There's a whole bunch of other places to go to if that's the case.

same problem here. WTF???

I mean, while I am typing this massage, the codemonkeys are fixing the problem.

It will take a while for the fix to spread through the site, but it's being done.

oh. i understand. how long do u think itll take to spread entirely??

I don't know, but it *is* happening.

(Sorry for the snippy tone, I'm juggling conversations)

It's all coming back.