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Can't Change My Photo Answered

I'm trying to update my photo in my profile.  I've uploaded a new photo 5 times using Firefox on my PC running Windows Vista but have been unable to figure out any way to replace my existing photo with the uploaded photo.  (I've selected the "remove" option for my current photo 3 times and it has never been removed.)  (Also, there appear to be no prompts to select the newly uploaded photo as my profile picture.)


You're right... this looks like a bug to me. I tried going through the process and the options appear messed for Update Your Profile - Update Image...

Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing (with Mac OS X, Safari).

I'll let one of the staff members know (and have them check out this post).


Hey Canuksgirl,

I see what you're seeing for a split second, and then it loads. I think what you're looking at is the pre-javascript loading on the site.

Would you mind loading that page up again in Safari, and when you're on that page, hold down the apple-shift and R keys at the same time. The page should reload and clear the cache.

Please let me know if that fixes what you're seeing.


It's working now (for me anyways) and it loaded right away (whereas last night it wouldn't, even after I cleared the cache and reloaded the page several times). So... I guess it fixed itself?

I don't know if its working for hartpete or not (he's the one actually wanting to change his image). :)

Interesting. I think there was a bug fix release last night. So hopefully that either fixed it, or was the temp-cause of it when you were trying. Either way...we're progressing a little at a time! ^__^

Yes, that could be the reason why it wasn't working... but at least its working now. Thanks for letting me know. ;)

(btw, I replied to your PM... no more Jedi Mind Tricks!)

So, when trying to change my image in firefox. I go to my "You" page, and click the "Change Images(s)" link under my profile picture. Once there, I see the multiple images that I have associated with my profile.

The images in the image lineup (underneath the large image), are the order in which they show on your profile page, with the one farthest left being your main image. I find I'm unable to move image from the right side to the left side, but I am able to move the main image from the left side to the right, pass the other pictures to change the main image.

Can you try clicking the main image, in the lineup, and dragging it to the right pass the alternate pictures you've uploaded.

Though, looking at your profile, it seems that you've uploaded the same image 4 times.

Have you seen the "change image" hyperlink to the left of your orangeboard?