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Can't Delete Published Collection Answered

Hi all!
I tried to delete a draft collection, 'cause I accidentally created two of them, but I couldn't. So I published it and tried to delete it now, but I still can't and now I can't unpublish it. Can you fix this and delete all my collections? Thanks!


I started creating a collection by accident and can't find a way to delete it. I also notice that there's no way to delete a published collection either (besides unpublishing it and keeping it in drafts... but I just want it gone forever). I temporarily published my unwanted collection, but I would like it deleted: https://www.instructables.com/id/Weather-Station-2/

Can you paste the link to the project in a reply here? I'll delete it for you.


4 years ago

ME TOO Now I got 3 "M0-Bile" collections