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Can't Post A New Instructable! Answered

Arghhhhhh......Cannot enter new instructable.  There appears a message on the line down at the bottom of the screen that there is an "error on page".  Any help will be appreciated....I log on, go to SUBMIT, start the instructable by putting title in first text box (and lettering is orange, not black), then move to the introduction which it accepts, but then I cannot move pass this point, and the message noted above appears....so WTF?  More and more bugs, it seems.....come on man!


when I'm going to publish an ible, it keeps telling me to verify my email. I always do it but it doesn't go to the next page! What to do?

You need to email service@instructables.com, and include as much information as you can (browser, operating system, URL of the unpublished project etc).

I have had the same problem a while ago, and it seems that each version of each browser has its own strengths and weaknesses. So I have installed FireFox, Chrome and MSIE.

thanks rimar: I installed FF and it seems to work much better....so things are ok now.

For THEM to duplicate your problem you'll have to say which browser you are using. And you might want to try another one to see if the same thing happens. This is terribly frustrating.

What she means is that one of the ways a bug is fixed is to cause it to happen before the eyes of a bug-fixer.

That means they need to recreate the conditions of the bug, which means they need to know what combination and versions of software you were using.

Thanks, Kiteman....it's IE, 64bit, latest ver. I think....am testing firefox now.

I've had issues on other websites with the newest version of IE, on Windows 7 64 bit. I had to actually downgrade to the previous version of IE in order to things required for work (at Autodesk).

The problem is that when a new browser comes out, it's not entirely supported by websites. Please let me know how FireFox works out, and if you don't like it for some reason, you might try going back one version of IE and seeing if that helps.

I think you are right, thanks. I have installed FF and it seems to be letting me do what I want to do. Interesting about the differences in versions of IE....so many bugs, so little time, it seems. Thanks again.