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Can't Upload Pictures Answered

I can't upload pictures for my instructables. I am going to Detroit on Saturday, and I would like to finish my instructable before I leave so I can enter it in the USB contest. However, I cannot upload pictures. I don't get any error message. I have a mac computer. Thanks, and please help! 


I am using Internet Exployer and my pictures seem to upload but not auto and they will not save to my page file. I am getting an error report. My script does not save eithor. I have content that needs uploaded because of a contest entry that expires this weekend. Please help! Thanks so much! I appreciate you guys keeping our favorite site up and running!

I have IE8 and had the same problem last week. We ran a cache cleaner (CCleaner. com. I think) and that fixed my problem with uploading the photos for some reason. Now this morning I had problems with not being able to see the Next and Previous buttons so I switched over to Firefox and now it's working again. I think the problem may be with IE8?

Thanks! You might be correct. I will switch over to another server if I have trouble in the next couple of days and see.

I use firefox, but mine doesn't work either... i will try internet explorer and see if that helps...

same problem here with Lion version of safari. Just when I had the guts to start on making my first instructable. :S

i just tried using internet explorer and the browser won't even come up...

Google Chrome doesn't work for me also

it doesn't give an error, nothing happens when i click. with the old one, there isn't a button 'upload chosen pictures'.

I too cannot upload photo's; I'm using Safari and have not had a problem before.

Does anybody know if this problem is being addressed?

I cannot upload to my instructable either today - just keeps saying error code 10

Same here, let me guess, you are using safari? I had to use chrome to upload my recent instructable. That worked for me and if you dont have it it doent take long to download.

I am using safari, but I recently (today) downloaded chrome and that doesn't work either.

Hmm, tried firefox?

Can you say what kind of mac do you have and what software so the mods would have a better understanding to try to fix it?

I'll try firefox. I have a mac mini. Software? I don't know what they means but I can guess. Is this what software is: Mac OS X Version 10.5.8?

Firefox worked! Yay! Thank you!

No problem!

And I have a mac mini too! But it is a 2006 model that can be very slow at times ~_~

Really? I recently did a ram upgrade, I suggest you don't do it, I don't think I will be able to open it up again or I will break it, but the extra ram really does a difference, I now have 2 gbs of ram instead of the 512 mbs of ram.

it is best if you get 4 Gbs or more of ram

I know that, but so far 2 gbs are plenty for me. Before I get 4 gbs I might as well buy a new computer, the processing power of this computer wouldn't even need 4 gbs.