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Can't add images to forum comments Answered

I know there is a post about someone being unable to post pics in ible comments, but I am also having the same problem on the forum. I thought I'd start a new thread with specific problems I am having and what I have tried.

If I click the add images button I get a box that says Add Images and Files from your Library, but does not show the images already in my library. Under that, I have three options 1)upload, 2) your library and 3)flickr import.

1)If I choose the upload button, I get a button that says Choose Files. When I choose a file it does upload and appears in the box and when I preview my comment, I can see the text and the picture yet when I hit post comment, the forum topic reloads without my comment. (I had thought it might be a delay thing, but my original attempt was made almost a week ago and still hasn’t appeared)

If I choose the old uploader from the upload option, I get the file loading image spinning for a few seconds, then it just disappears but without the image being uploaded. – Actually it does upload the image but just does not display it on this page. When I go to my library from the me page, I find countless copies of the same image that I was trying to add.

2)your library – if I choose this option nothing changes. There are no images displayed even though I do have images in my library.

3) flickr import. Again nothing changes when I select this option.

I thought that maybe the problem was with Firefox –(I have the latest Firefox running on Windows Vista) so I tried using Internet Explorer. Using IE, when I click add images, I get the image loading graphic and it says loading your library, but nothing else happens, the graphic just spins and spins and spins!


I just read in the site updates that some bug fixes are up including the images in comments thing, so let's see if I can add a pic to this comment.


I get the same problem, but intermittently.

Same problems using Chrome in XP, and Firefox in XP and Ubuntu. For a while, FF was the preferred browser of choice but I don't know if that is still the focus of debugging and development anymore. It is discouraging though.