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Can't attach images to comments Answered

Add images button opens the interface, but the image library tab won't open. Images can be uploaded but cannot be attached. ? L


I can seem to attach images with no problem.... P.S. Bow down to Chris Hansen or die.


Is he supposed to be Chris' brother?

You made me find out who Chris Hansen is, so you can find out who Alan Hansen is... Similar poses though? L

They look similar enough to be brothers...

It's all good now - although I did have to click 'add images' three times first - doing this either toggles the feature on / off or it's sympathetic magic!


Seems to be working now. Thanks for the fix. L

Didn't work in Answers / questions. Did here (as you said) L


I've had this problem to

I just tried to add an image to this comment.

  • The "add images" form opened properly.
  • When I clicked on the "library" tab, the site jumped to the top of the page, and the library did not open.
  • When I tried the "upload" option, the image uploaded properly, but did not appear in the comment preview.

(I have not tried the "flickr import")

Ok, i tried flickr import, it does nothing, just jumped to the top of the page...

You're right - it seems the bug remains unfixed. (When does that 48 hours run out?)

we still have about...14 Hours or so...

(As you can see, the uploaded image did not show in the posted comment)

Thanks for the bug report, guys. We've found the problem and a fix will be up in about 48 hours. You helped us catch that one fast.

No I didn't - I held off for a couple of days thinking someone else must have reported it (sorry). L

This was my first encounter, since I haven't uploaded pics for a few days....I wonder if ....it seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to upload from the internet....it's a small picture...4 minutes later....it isn't going to load.....

No, it doesn't. But the easiest test is to see if you can pick from your image library. L

from a post, I wasn't (and can not, still) even able to open the image lib.

We're currently testing a batch of bug fixes, now. If all goes well, they'll all be on the site late tonight.

not to be picky, but is that late tonight your time or my time :-) if it is - like - 11:pm your time, that is good (which is about 2 am my time), if it is like 11:00 PM my time that is probably not so good for the others (8:00 pm your time?)

It'll be late tonight, our time. Like 2 or 3AM PST. We like to do our releases when the majority of our users (we peak during U.S. Daylight hours) are offline.

Wow.....that is very considerate and a great show of devotion of you all

BTW: that is good to know, thank you all for all you do....

Yes, that is what is happening to me also....

That's it. Makes answering questions / answers a bit harder sometimes. L

Well, Its not yet 48 Hours, i guess i have to wait a day or so for this to be fixed...

Haha, I just ran into this a second ago and wanted to see if anyone else had reported it. Good to know it's being worked on. :)

A quick heads up - it's still broke ( I know it's not quite 48 hours, just in case you'd closed the job :)