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Can't connect my computer after system restore? Answered

Hi, im new here here at Instructables, and I really need some help, by the way im not a computer wizz but ill try explain it to you all as best as I can.

Computer Model: eMachines E3042 (Desktop PC)
OS: Windows XP pro

Anyway, a few days ago my brother got a new notebook so he gave me this eMachines tower thing. But, it was full of junk and the Internet was slow but working. So I inserted the 'Windows XP Pro' CD and installed it on top of the previous one, (im not too sure if it deleted everything). And after the wipe, I tried to get on the internet but I had no connection, I have tried going on control panel and playing around but nothing. Also, I have tried going into the 'Network Connection' folder and there was one that only works using a wire. Now, I am using the wire (to type this) and that would be fine too use, If my room wasnt upstairs.

So has anybody got a solution? Thanks




6 years ago

Go into your device manager (right click on my computer, menu down to properties when the box opens up click the hardware tab then device manager) and see if anything is flagged with a yellow exclamation mark, If it is that means its not working or installed incorrectly or does not have the right drivers. Click on it and reinstall the drivers, or look for updated drivers. In the network adapters category it will list your NIC including any wireless ones. If the wireless one is there uninstall it and then restart and often windows will replace the driver when it finds new hardware.


Answer 6 years ago


You may also have to update XP again. Reinstalling from the CD won't give you all the updates that have occurred since the CD was issued. Many of the updates are to fix known issues...